Week 9: 160.0

This is truly a momentous occasion — a new personal record as far as bodyweight goes.

I was supposed to increase my daily block count to 24 this week, but I’m going to delay that for at least one more week to see if I can get a few more pounds of linear gains from eating 22 blocks per day.  This still feels like a ton of food, even when half of my calories are going down in liquid form.  I’m convinced that the sensation of being constantly full is actually making me feel more lethargic than is natural given the kinds of food (and the macronutrient proportions) that I’m eating.  I just don’t have the clear-headed “Zone” feeling anymore.

More and more, I really look forward to the days that I get to fast.  I usually go until around 4pm without even thinking about food.   These are always my most mentally focused and productive days.  I can’t wait to be done with this stupid (yet remarkably effective) program.

One Response to “Week 9: 160.0”

  1. Any idea what your total calorie count is? I think if you go ad lib/eat all the time you’d be able to gain a lot more – I think I was hitting 4 or 5 thousand while I was putting on weight for the PMenu program, and ended up putting on about 15 pounds.

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