Week 10: 161.7

Yet another week of steady, linear gains.

This marks the beginning of my second week eating 24 blocks @ 5 x fat, amounting to roughly 3000 calories per day.  I know that there are dudes out there who have eaten 7-10,000 calories per day.  I’m left wondering how much money they wasted on calories that went straight through their body without any real benefit.  Massive overeating is certainly one approach to putting your body in a protein-sparing state, but I really prefer to use intermittent fasting and gradual increases in caloric intake to accomplish the same thing.

10 lbs in 10 weeks isn’t bad for a rate of gain.  I might be able to accelerate those gains by going “caveman” and eating everything in sight, but the bottom line is that this regimented program is working very effectively and has carried me into a new weight-class and a new pant-size.

2 Responses to “Week 10: 161.7”

  1. How has the hypertrophy cycles been affecting you now? Any significant changes (composition, weight)?

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