Week 13: Holiday Garbage

I didn’t get a chance to weigh in on Wed, the 30th because I was road-tripping up to SF for new year’s.

I ate absolutely everything this holiday season.  Mincemeat pie, peach pie, stuffing.  Everything smothered in butter or gravy when possible.  Always accompanied by plenty of wine and scotch.

I still had trouble gaining weight.  In my family, most meals are planned, “social” meals where it’s rude to eat anything other than what’s being offered; everyone around the table observes, and feels entitled to comment on, how much you’re eating.  Snacking between meals is strongly taboo (everyone in my family is trying to lose weight).  I poured down glasses of 2% milk (my mom refuses to buy whole milk) while dodging the admonition that I would “ruin my appetite.”

Special thanks to my mom’s Broccoli Bake.  Full of mayo, cream of mushroom soup, eggs and cheese (and a little bit of broccoli), it’s the casserole side-dish that eats like a meal.

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