MORE Calories

So Bin has been bugging me about simply eating more (and not worrying about how much I’m eating).  Although there’s really nothing wrong with measurement, Bin does have a point: I could eat more.  It turns out that I’m still eating slightly below 3000 calories per day, even at 22 blocks with 5 x fat.  Here’s how things work out…

So my “Life in the 22 block Zone” post is a decent example of training day eating. 22 protein, 19 carb, 115 fat (although I’ve upped the carbs a bit to even things out).

Let’s say this is a typical day:

22 blocks protein = 616
20 block carbs = 720
115 blocks fat = 1495

That’s approximately 2831 calories per day, which really isn’t that much compared to what a lot of people eat when they’re trying to gain.  I hasten to point out, that I wouldn’t be able to do this kind of assessment if I hadn’t been measuring on a pretty regular basis.

The verdict: I’m going to push myself up to 24 blocks, giving me about 3031 cal. per day.  For the final week or two, I’m considering switching to GOMAD at 5 x fat, which will be 2400 cal. of milk per day and 1495 cal. of fat, for an awesome total of 3895 calories per day.

2 Responses to “MORE Calories”

  1. Well, I’m assuming that you’ll be doing the GOMAD in addition to eating actual food, no? So that would be 3895 PLUS your 24 blocks?

    That is a lot of fat by the way! Pretty sweet. Still, I’d have to agree with Bin…I was expecting your overall caloric intake to be much higher than that.

  2. I say two weeks on the GOMAD and you shall finally see results, my son. Johnny Pain ate 8-10,000 calories a day for a year to get to his gain now. Think about that…

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